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Welcome to online consultaion with Dr Punit Kumar Jain Senior orthopaedic Surgeon or Dr Harsha Jain Senior Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.

Patients or enquirer are suppose to fill all required personal details and the questions / medical details in the form provided down. You will soon get a reply mail in your mail box and final confirmation will be informed to you 12 hrs in advance by mail.

For urgent consultation you will get schedulec time with in 24 to 36 hrs and in non urgent within 48 to 72 hrs.

Note :

  • The consultations or medical advices are given solely on the basis of the details provided by you without clinical Examination of patient so this advice can not be used for treatment without proper in person medical consulltation.
  • At present this service is free to the patients.
  • Doctors cannot be held responsible for any controversy arises due to the consultation. This is Doctor's own opinion, it can vary with other doctors or it can change after clinical Examination of patient afterwards.
  • All schedule time for consultation will be on accuracy to Indian Standard time.

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